Naftali takes a visit to Rabin Center
Click to see personal pictures taken by Naftali visiting the Rabin Center on the 30th of April
Historic Semakh Railway Station Renovation
The site is getting a Makeover! For more information click on the link.
Tamares Chain 2015 Presentation
Check out the latest presentation video for Tamares Chain!
2015 Prima Hotels Presentation
Here are the latest updates of Prima Hotels.
Tamares chain 2015 Hotels Presentation
Click here for the hotel 2015 PDF presentation
A colourful calendar of all the most important Jerusalem cultural events in 2015
A must for every travel agent selling Israel product (downloadable PDF)
Ariel Sharon Park
Ariel Sharon Park is the biggest metropolitan park in Israel
Jeep trip during your Israel vacation
A wonderful outing with your family and friends who are coming to a vacation in Israel
City of David Segway Tours
A Segway ride through the heart of the city
Kibbutz Deganya Tourism
Interesting tour options for groups
New Tour - Kfar Hanokdim
Abraham's Path activity including music and verse
Israel ministry of tourism launches new interactive travel video
Allowing travelers to explore several sites in Israel virtually through the perspectives of local insiders

Holy Land Tours


Naftali Tours specialises in tailor made group tours and can put together a package based on your group's needs.

We employ a range of English speaking guides with expertise in both Christian and Jewish interest tours.

Naftali Tours can provide expertly crafted itineraries for Holy Land pilgrimages, tours to Israel, Egypt and Jordan, and Jewish missions to Israel.

We also provide dedicated websites for each group and post photos daily while on tour.

This site will soon include the following sample group tours:
Protestant based tour
Catholic interest tour
Pentecostal Church tour
Jewish Mission to Israel

Coming soon!

Pilgrimage to Israel

Christian Tour to Israel
Daronet Web Building