Journey to Israel & Jordan
Escorted by the Reverend Boak Jobbins


Welcome to our In the Footsteps of Jesus website! Whether you are with us in Israel and Jordan this October and November or family and friends back home checking on us, I am sure you will find the site helpful. You can even send us messages.

For some of the group, the tour is a chance to visit a fascinating land they have never seen before. Others are coming, in effect, on a pilgrimage, to increase their understanding of the Bible and to enrich their faith and relationship with Jesus.  The tour has the resources to satisfy both.

Our local expert, Gadi Talmi, has guided a number of Australian groups in Israel: he will tell the stories of places and point out their significance. Boak Jobbins, our Australian leader, will help us reconstruct the life, actions and teaching of Jesus as we visit the places he visited.

Our itinerary, which is attached, is designed to follow the ‘big bones’ of the skeleton of Jesus’ story. After an orientation day at Neot Kedumim which seeks to recreate the physical setting of the Bible, we head north to Galilee for several days. In Jesus’ footsteps, we then head south to Jerusalem – for many of us, as perhaps for him, topping the rise of the Mount of Olives and seeing the city spread out in front of us will be a highlight.

Reverend Boak Jobbins  

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