Grand Hotels Chain - Long Stay Special
Book minimum 4 nights and enjoy special discount!
Utopia Orchid Park – Central Israel
Visit Utopia Orchid Park located in the heart of the Sharon region, an enchanting tropical rain forest with thousands of orchids from around the world, tropical plants, a myriad of animals and even carnivorous plants.
Tomcars Merom Golan - Upper Galilee
Click here to read about the Tomcars Merom Golan, the biggest motor enclosure located in the Upper Galilee. The enclosure offers many activities such as Tomcars, horse riding, hybrid bikes and jeep tours.
Herbert Samuel Hotel - Jerusalem
Click here to read about the Herbert Samuel Hotel, which is located in the heart of Jerusalem and surrounded by historic centers and dynamic cultural institutions.
Naama Ester : Performance Artist - All Over Israel
Click here to read about Naama Ester, a performance artist of traditional and well known Israeli songs.
Special Blacksmith’s workshop – Mattat : Upper Galilee
Click to read about some of the interesting tours in the Upper Galilee, from an ice cream making workshop, to a fascinating tour in the vineyard to a hands on experience workshop in a blacksmiths shop.
Unique Kibbutz Tours – Ramat Rachel: Jerusalem
Choose a tour of interest to you. Agricultural, archeological and farm tours on offer. Click here for further information.
New Boutique Spa Hotel - Sea Life : Naharia
Read about Sea Life, a new prestigious boutique hotel located at the water front of the Nahariya-Achziv shore.
New Sea rooms – Ein Gev Resort: Galilee
Click here to read about the new luxurious rooms in Ein Gev Resort: the Sea Rooms.
Naftali Tours Guides – Effi Yaacobi
Naftali Tours is proud to introduce Effi Yaacobi – Licensed Tour Guide.
New tour - Busters Apple Cider Factory in the Elah Valley
Enjoy a tour of the factory and visitors centre and meet the fascinating family behind the project. Enjoy a tasting of their alcoholic ciders and lemonade alongside delicious cheese and fruit platters.
Changes to Daylight Saving Time in Israel 2016
Israel is moving to Daylight Savings Time on 24 March 2016
The Marzipan Museum
Visit the Marzipan Museum, a unique place which provides a colourful and delicious experience.
Sandboarding and Jeep tours in the Negev Desert
Enjoy private jeep tours in the Israeli desert and sandboarding on the Negev dunes.
Adir Visitor’s centre – Galilee
Enjoy a culinary experience of wine and cheese at the Adir Visitor’s centre where you will get to taste the unique flavors of wine and quality cheeses.
Kibbutz Lotan – where spirit and earth meet
The Eco-Jewish community of Kibbutz Lotan links the spirit and the earth teaching about local food production, natural building from mud and straw, alternative technologies and much more.Click for further details and photos of the tours.
Israeli Folk Dancing workshops: All over Israel
Dance Israel is a unique initiative that offers exciting educational encounters and multi-faceted experiences through Jewish and Israeli folk dance. Click for further info and video.
Bike riding tours in the Judean lowlands
Here are some amazing pictures of our Winter tours (Photos taken by Illan Beagan). Click for more information.
By the rivers of Babylon – Jerusalem
The Bible Lands Museum is proud to present a special exhibition focusing on one of the most significant events in the history of the Jewish people – the Babylonian exile.
New presentation – Mitzpe Hayamim
At the foot of Mount Canaan, only a step away from Rosh Pina, lies Mizpe Hayamim Spa Hotel - which many describe as paradise. Click here for a beautiful 13 page PDF presentation of the hotel and its surroundings.
Weekly Tours – Early Bird Specials
Discounts on selected tours for any departure date in 2016.
De Karina Chocolatier - Golan Heights
The chocolate boutique De Karina located in the Golan Heights is proud to introduce you to our chocolate workshop “chocolate and more”, suitable for both kids and adults.
Accessible tourism in Israel
Naftali Tours now offering services for accessible tourism in Israel. Whether you are coming to Israel for your dream vacation or in search of your Jewish, Christian, or Muslim heritage, we plan it to be in your pace.
Special promotion – Mitzpe Hayamim
Click here for free spa treatment at Mitzpe Hayamim Resort Hotel.
Olea Essence visitors Centre – Galilee
Visit the Olea Essence olive oil press, a unique place in the ancient Jewish city of Qatzrin in the Golan Heights.
Golan Heights Winery : Professional Wine Tour - Galilee
Learn about the Golan Height’s unique terroir, the art of raising grapevines and the history of the Winery.
Naftali Tours Guides – Murray Allon
Naftali Tours is proud to introduce Murray Allon – Licensed Tour Guide.
The cradle of Christianity : A new tour at the Israel Museum - Jerusalem
The Israel Museum invites the Christian community to explore its new and exciting tour: the cradle of Christianity – see in real life what you’ve read in scriptures.
An inspiring moment from Yardenit baptismal site - Galilee
Visit the Yardenit Baptism in the Jordan River site. Here you are able to once again plunge into the atmosphere of spirituality and connect with the Holy Land.
Invitation to The Year of Mercy : Holy Door - Jerusalem
On December 8, 2015, Pope Francis inaugurated the Jubilee Year of Mercy in the Papal Basilica of Saint Peter in the Vatican.
Wine Workshops - All over Israel
Enjoy a time to focus on the beautiful things in life and end your day in the best way with a fun wine workshop.
Ruppin Apartments - Tel Aviv
Enjoy a stay at one of the luxurious apartments in the Ruppin Apartment Hotel located at the heart of Tel Aviv.
Paamonim Apartment Hotel - Jerusalem
The Paamonim hotel is a modern luxurious apartment hotel located at the heart of Jerusalem next to the city’s shopping and entertainment areas, facing the magnificent view of the Old City.
Jewish Orthodox Hospitality – Jerusalem
Learn about the traditional lifestyle. A unique and fascinating opportunity to spend an evening in an orthodox Jewish family home. Click for brochure and video.
Naftali Tours Guides - David Schoenfeld
Naftali Tours is proud to introduce David Schoenfeld - Licensed tour guide.
A Tour and lunch at Nes Ammim Village – Galilee
Enjoy a tour at the Nes Ammim Village and a kosher lunch at the Ness Ammim Restaurant.
Christmas and New Year's Dinners at The American Colony Hotel - Jerusalem
The American Colony Hotel invites you to enjoy a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas buffet & New Year’s Eve dinner and party at the legendary Arabesque restaurant. Click to read PDF brochures.
City of David : New tours in the ancient city - Old Jerusalem
Click to read PDF about a variety of fascinating tours in the ancient city from walking tours, riding on a Segway to an archaeological excavation.
Agricultural Tours in Southern Arava - Jordan Valley
Click to read the PDF about interesting agricultural tours in Southern Arava.
New Jordan Visa Regulations - Arava Border
Arava Border will no longer be giving entry visas to Jordan of all kind January 1st 2016 . Please click to read a brief about the new regulations.
Beit Ambousa : Ethiopian hospitality - Central Israel
Take part in a unique experience which includes an encounter with the Ethiopian community in Israel through workshops led by the community members.
Tree planting in Gazelle Valley - New City Jerusalem
Shmita year is over, and the Gazelle Valley is now offering a new location for volunteering or tree planting inside Jerusalem, exactly 5 minutes away from a variaty of tourist attractions. Click for pictures.
Pole Position - Tel Aviv
Enjoy a tasting tour of Tel Aviv on pedal bikes / electric bikes
Israel ministry of tourism launches new interactive travel video
Allowing travelers to explore several sites in Israel virtually through the perspectives of local insiders
New Tour - Kfar Hanokdim
Abraham's Path activity including music and verse
Kibbutz Deganya Tourism
Interesting tour options for groups
City of David Segway Tours
A Segway ride through the heart of the city
Jeep trip during your Israel vacation
A wonderful outing with your family and friends who are coming to a vacation in Israel
Ariel Sharon Park
Ariel Sharon Park is the biggest metropolitan park in Israel
A colourful calendar of all the most important Jerusalem cultural events in 2015
A must for every travel agent selling Israel product (downloadable PDF)
Tamares chain 2015 Hotels Presentation
Click here for the hotel 2015 PDF presentation
2015 Prima Hotels Presentation
Here are the latest updates of Prima Hotels.
Tamares Chain 2015 Presentation
Check out the latest presentation video for Tamares Chain!
Historic Semakh Railway Station Renovation
The site is getting a Makeover! For more information click on the link.
Naftali takes a visit to Rabin Center
Click to see personal pictures taken by Naftali visiting the Rabin Center on the 30th of April
Hilton Tel Aviv - New PDF presentation
Click here for PDF of the latest pictures of the hotel after completing all renovations.
Hilton Tel Aviv - Special wholesale rates 2015
Fantastic new rates on Deluxe Sea View rooms - for travel agants only.
5 Wonders - A premuim package by Fattal hotel chain, Israel
Experience the best of Israel with Fattal's "5 Wonders" package. Create the vacation of your dreams, get a free car & enjoy a range of extra benefits at an outstanding price.
Marzipan Museum – Kfar Tavor
Come and see how marzipan is made from the almonds grown in the agricultural settlement of Kfar Tavor.
Hamat Gader
An extraordinary experience in northern Israel for the whole family.
Leonardo Art Tel Aviv Hotel
New hotel in Tel Aviv-Leonardo Art. Tel Aviv beachfront, Opening July 2015. Click for the pdf.
The Museum For Islamic Art Jerusalem
The museum of Islamic art in Jerusalem offers tours and events for groups with added cultural value. Come to be part of a fascinating cultural journey through the history of the Islamic art.
Kibbutz Ayelet Hashachar - Outdoor activities
Visit the kibbutz Ayelet Hashachar, a unique tourist attraction up north where you will find a variety of outdoor activities and enjoy an authentic experience in the Galilee.
Jordan River Rafting
Visit Jordan River Rafting, one of the ideal places for various outdoor activities in one of the most beautiful and well known places in the Galilee area.
Ramadan Nights
Tours for the entire family in a variety of Arab communities all over the country, for a fascinating and moving introduction to places, customs, traditions, people and flavours during the most important time of the year in Arab- Muslim culture.
Adir Winery & Adir Dairy
Adir Winery invites you to enjoy the unique flavors of our wines, backed by the breathtaking views of the Upper Galilee region. Whether you are in for a short visit, searching for the perfect gift or seeking a beautiful getaway, our visitor center is the perfect indulgence corner.
Levi farm - activities in the Galilee
Fun that never ends - Levi farm offers many outdoor activities in the Golan such as berry picking, camping huts, jeep tours and safari.
Mary of Nazareth centre
The centre is ranked number one on Trip-Advisor for places to visit in Nazareth. It offers a one of kind spiritual experience.
Negev Brewery - Israeli crafted beer
The Negev Brewery invites all beer lovers for a unique tour in the brewery, giving a peek at the world of Israeli crafted beer.
Yotveta Inn
Come and join us at Yotvata Inn for some homemade ice cream from our dairy on the way to Eilat.
Babai's Cliff - restaurant by the sea
Go to Babai’s Cliff restaurant to taste the healthy simple fish based dishes made from the freshest sea fish while overlooking the sea at the most beautiful spot in Jaffa.
New in Restaurents Galilee - Lohame Hageta'Ot
Visit Kibbutz Lohame Hageta’Ot to eat in the traditional way as a group in the common dining room filled with pictures and stories of the early days of the kibbutz. Or, go to the Bait V’Kait restaurant for a lovely brunch with a nostalgic feel.
New in Restaurants Galilee - Bat Yaar Restaurant
Go to Bat Yaar, a Steak house style restaurant to experience the unique structure of the place and taste the wonderful meals made from fresh cuts of veal, cooked on a flamed charcoal grill.
Christ Church Guesthouse
The Christ Church Guesthouse would like to offer you to stay at our guesthouse in the Jerusalem old city opposite David Tower and attend one of our free music evenings to be held in the beautiful garden of the guesthouse this summer.
Cooking workshops & Tasting tour in Mahane Yehuda Market
Jerusalem legendary chef Shmil Holland invites you to a fascinating and delicious tour in the Mahane Yehuda Market and continue on the journey with an interactive cooking workshop at the “Shem Tov” restaurant located at the heart of the market.
New in restaurants Jerusalem - Shem Tov
The Shem Tov restaurant offers delicious home cooked cuisine with a middle eastern, Italian Greek kitchen, as well as an original Jerusalem beer bar.
The underwater observatory and marine park
The underwater observatory gives you a one of kind unique meeting with the underwater world. Hundreds of thousands of visitor come to the observatory every year to experience this unique opportunity to get closer look at the wonders of the red sea.
Naharayim of Gesher
Naharayim of Gasher is a world of itself filled with Israeli heritage of people with courage and vision. Between the archaeological fields, fish ponds, the Jordan river and the three bridges is hidden a scenic spot with a very Israeli story!
Derech Hatavlinim (spice route) - Galilee
Visit Derech Hatavlinim, a farm in the south that both makes and sells a huge variety of spices and herbs and also offers activities and workshops to both children and adults.
Ein Gev -new activities - Galilee
New activities with a variety of attractions for groups and families.
Berdichevsky Hotel – a Tel Aviv boutique hotel
Welcome to the exciting and unique luxury experience at the Berdichevksy Hotel. The boutique hotel is situated in the Tel-Aviv city centre near the city’s best attractions and venues. If you are looking for a place to spend a romantic or business vacation at a high quality in the centre of the white city this hotel is for you. Click on the link to view the hotel’s brochure.
Lake Gallery : new Art Gallery café in Kibbutz Ginosar - Galilee
Visit Lake Gallery, an art gallery café in Kibbutz Ginosar, located in a beautiful unique building by the sea of Galilee. We invite you to come and enjoy the many activities we offer.
A kabbalah tour of ancient Safed - Galilee
Hear the stories of the Kabbalists and the ancient Synagogues, visit the special artists and unique sites, enjoy a Klezmer musical performance.Click here for the brochure.
Shabbat experience in ancient Safed – Galilee
Enjoy a magical ‘Kabbalat Shabbat’ guided tour with a ‘kiddush’ and delicious Shabbat meal. Click here for the brochure.
A culinary experience in the American Colony Hotel – Jerusalem
Whether you crave a rich buffet breakfast, a state of the art meat platter or an exotic summer cocktail, you are in for a delightful time at the American Colony Hotel.
PunchLine:Singing waiters bar and restaurant – Tal Aviv
PunchLine is a kosher bar-restaurant at the heart of Tel Aviv’s lively entertainment scene and all of its waiters are singers dancers and marvellous actors.
New in Rosh Hanikra:Cliff chef Restaurant – Galilee
The new Cliff restaurant – a kosher chef restaurant looking over a gorgeous panoramic view of the sea has been opened in Rosh Hanikra.
Evening tour in the Sarona complex - Tel Aviv
Enjoy An evening tour in the Sarona complex with an entry to the reopened Tamplar Tunnels and a rich delicious meal and a thrilling live singing show.
Rimonim Palm Beach Hotel - Acre
Nestled on the tranquil shores of Acre just minutes from the old city, Palm Beach Club is the perfect retreat for by the sea relaxation, and the ideal base from which to discover the spirit of the city. Click to view PDF and the hotel's video presentation.
The adventures of Naftali and Ben in the Holy Land – Crusader City of Apollonia
Naftali and Ben went to the Crusader City of Apollonia on August 4th , click to see some of the personal pictures and read about the event.
ST George Hotel - Jerusalem
In a central location in Jerusalem, the St. George Hotel is a modern hotel with a rooftop pool, a terrace and a restaurant serving regional cuisine. All air-conditioned rooms include free Wi-Fi and a balcony.Click to read about the hotel, and read the hotel's Brochure.
Beit Ambousa - Gadera
A unique multi-cultural experience – introductory yet meaningful encounters with the Ethiopian community in Israel through workshops led by community members. Click to view PDF.
Event Planning - New Service from Naftali Tours
We craft outstanding weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvas, personal occasions and corporate events.
The adventures of Naftali and Ben in the Holy Land: The secrets of Ramla
Naftali and Ben went to Ramla on July 22nd. Click to see photos from the experience
Chef Tal's Mobile Kitchen
Imagine yourself in a breathtaking Israeli outdoor location, surrounded by family or friends, enjoying a lavish banquet laid out just for you and catered by a private chef who prepares a tasteful theatrical-culinary feast.
Club Hotel Tiberias - Galilee
Tiberias club hotel lies on a mountain flank near the city of Tiberias in front of the marvellous view of the Sea of Galilee and overlooking the Golan Heights. The hotel provides the perfect family holiday near the Sea of Galilee.
Ayelet’s Kitchen restaurant and Catering
“Ayelet’s Kitchen” hosts events anywhere with attention to the smallest details, warm service and wonderful flavours. The restaurant also has a variety of specifically designed activities for tourists.
Ohalo Manor Hotel
See new photos of Ohalo Manor Hotel Kibbutz located on the Sea of Galilee water front. For special rates for groups please contact Naftali Tours.
Jerusalem Luxury Apartments – New Service from Naftali Tours
Naftali Tours is proud to offer 17 luxury apartments situated in a number of new buildings in and around the city centre all within walking distance to the Old City.
The Old City Train - Jerusalem
Naftali Tours invites you to enjoy the new transportation service that is a little easier and a lot more fun to get through the Old City to the Western Wall in The City of Jerusalem, "The Old City Train".
The David Dead Sea Resort Hotel
A Beautiful 5 star hotel with stunning public areas and luxury spa facilities. We offer special rates for groups in 2015-2016. Please contact naftali tours for bookings.
Duck Farm and Visitor’s Centre – Galilee
In the heart of the Jezreel Valley in lower Galilee come and visit the active farm with a special visitor’s centre.
Winter special – Crown Plaza Hotels
Free access to business lounge for new reservations.
Air Sinai - New Net Fares
Special new net fares for Tel Aviv – Cairo
City of David to the Western Wall- An Underground Tour - Jerusalem
We invite you to explore a new and exciting route that connects the City of David to the corner of the Temple Mount and the foundation stones of the Western Wall.
Sailing the Haifa Bay
Enjoy a cruise of the Haifa Bay area. The Perfect way to Celebrate a Special Occasion.
Naftali Tours Guides - David Waisman
Congratulations David Waisman on the purchase of your new Mecedes V-Class 7+1 seater.
Ya'ar and Golan Quad Bikes - Upper Galilee
Take part in an experience that stimulates your senses and combines a chellenging motorized tour in wild scenery against the backdrop of breathtaking landscapes, and enjoy a wide range of activities suitable for all ages.
Day Tours

Nazareth and the Sea of Galilee

Departs Mon., Wed., Sat. 

Depart your hotel and travel through the lush Galilee landscape to Nazareth, where Jesus spent his childhood. Visit the Church of the Annunciation and the Church of St Joseph. Continue via Cana to the shores of the Sea of Galilee. Visit Capernaum to see the ancient synagogue where Jesus preached, Tabgha, where He performed the Miracle of Fishes and the Loaves and a view of the Mount of Beatitudes. Then visit the baptismal site at Yardenit before returning to your hotel. 


(Agent only)


The photo belongs to Ministry of Tourism


The photo belongs to Ministry of Tourism


The above tour packages include the following:

1. English Speaking guide for all touring
2. A/C coach for touring in a group
3. Entrance fees for the mentioned sites

The above mentioned does not include:

1. Tips for guides & drivers
2. Meals or beverages
3. Passport, visa and border crossing fees 

Israel day tour - Nazareth and the Sea of Galilee  Israel day tour - Nazareth and the Sea of Galilee
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