Bedouin Desert Experience
Meet the desert in person - Bedouin Desert Experience, much more than accommodation. Click here for more information
New Hotel: Leonardo Boutique Jerusalem
Click here to read about Leonardo Boutique Jerusalem, which is a designer boutique hotel located in the heart of Jerusalem
Grand Hotels Chain - Long Stay Special
Book minimum 4 nights and enjoy special discount!
Utopia Orchid Park – Central Israel
Visit Utopia Orchid Park located in the heart of the Sharon region, an enchanting tropical rain forest with thousands of orchids from around the world, tropical plants, a myriad of animals and even carnivorous plants.
Tomcars Merom Golan - Upper Galilee
Click here to read about the Tomcars Merom Golan, the biggest motor enclosure located in the Upper Galilee. The enclosure offers many activities such as Tomcars, horse riding, hybrid bikes and jeep tours.
Herbert Samuel Hotel - Jerusalem
Click here to read about the Herbert Samuel Hotel, which is located in the heart of Jerusalem and surrounded by historic centers and dynamic cultural institutions.
Naama Ester : Performance Artist - All Over Israel
Click here to read about Naama Ester, a performance artist of traditional and well known Israeli songs.
Special Blacksmith’s workshop – Mattat : Upper Galilee
Click to read about some of the interesting tours in the Upper Galilee, from an ice cream making workshop, to a fascinating tour in the vineyard to a hands on experience workshop in a blacksmiths shop.
Unique Kibbutz Tours – Ramat Rachel: Jerusalem
Choose a tour of interest to you. Agricultural, archeological and farm tours on offer. Click here for further information.
New Boutique Spa Hotel - Sea Life : Naharia
Read about Sea Life, a new prestigious boutique hotel located at the water front of the Nahariya-Achziv shore.
New Sea rooms – Ein Gev Resort: Galilee
Click here to read about the new luxurious rooms in Ein Gev Resort: the Sea Rooms.
Naftali Tours Guides – Effi Yaacobi
Naftali Tours is proud to introduce Effi Yaacobi – Licensed Tour Guide.
New tour - Busters Apple Cider Factory in the Elah Valley
Enjoy a tour of the factory and visitors centre and meet the fascinating family behind the project. Enjoy a tasting of their alcoholic ciders and lemonade alongside delicious cheese and fruit platters.
Changes to Daylight Saving Time in Israel 2016
Israel is moving to Daylight Savings Time on 24 March 2016
The Marzipan Museum
Visit the Marzipan Museum, a unique place which provides a colourful and delicious experience.
Sandboarding and Jeep tours in the Negev Desert
Enjoy private jeep tours in the Israeli desert and sandboarding on the Negev dunes.
Adir Visitor’s centre – Galilee
Enjoy a culinary experience of wine and cheese at the Adir Visitor’s centre where you will get to taste the unique flavors of wine and quality cheeses.
Kibbutz Lotan – where spirit and earth meet
The Eco-Jewish community of Kibbutz Lotan links the spirit and the earth teaching about local food production, natural building from mud and straw, alternative technologies and much more.Click for further details and photos of the tours.
Israeli Folk Dancing workshops: All over Israel
Dance Israel is a unique initiative that offers exciting educational encounters and multi-faceted experiences through Jewish and Israeli folk dance. Click for further info and video.
Bike riding tours in the Judean lowlands
Here are some amazing pictures of our Winter tours (Photos taken by Illan Beagan). Click for more information.
By the rivers of Babylon – Jerusalem
The Bible Lands Museum is proud to present a special exhibition focusing on one of the most significant events in the history of the Jewish people – the Babylonian exile.
New presentation – Mitzpe Hayamim
At the foot of Mount Canaan, only a step away from Rosh Pina, lies Mizpe Hayamim Spa Hotel - which many describe as paradise. Click here for a beautiful 13 page PDF presentation of the hotel and its surroundings.
Weekly Tours – Early Bird Specials
Discounts on selected tours for any departure date in 2016.
De Karina Chocolatier - Golan Heights
The chocolate boutique De Karina located in the Golan Heights is proud to introduce you to our chocolate workshop “chocolate and more”, suitable for both kids and adults.
Accessible tourism in Israel
Naftali Tours now offering services for accessible tourism in Israel. Whether you are coming to Israel for your dream vacation or in search of your Jewish, Christian, or Muslim heritage, we plan it to be in your pace.
Special promotion – Mitzpe Hayamim
Click here for free spa treatment at Mitzpe Hayamim Resort Hotel.
Olea Essence visitors Centre – Galilee
Visit the Olea Essence olive oil press, a unique place in the ancient Jewish city of Qatzrin in the Golan Heights.
Golan Heights Winery : Professional Wine Tour - Galilee
Learn about the Golan Height’s unique terroir, the art of raising grapevines and the history of the Winery.
Naftali Tours Guides – Murray Allon
Naftali Tours is proud to introduce Murray Allon – Licensed Tour Guide.
The cradle of Christianity : A new tour at the Israel Museum - Jerusalem
The Israel Museum invites the Christian community to explore its new and exciting tour: the cradle of Christianity – see in real life what you’ve read in scriptures.
An inspiring moment from Yardenit baptismal site - Galilee
Visit the Yardenit Baptism in the Jordan River site. Here you are able to once again plunge into the atmosphere of spirituality and connect with the Holy Land.
Invitation to The Year of Mercy : Holy Door - Jerusalem
On December 8, 2015, Pope Francis inaugurated the Jubilee Year of Mercy in the Papal Basilica of Saint Peter in the Vatican.
Wine Workshops - All over Israel
Enjoy a time to focus on the beautiful things in life and end your day in the best way with a fun wine workshop.
Ruppin Apartments - Tel Aviv
Enjoy a stay at one of the luxurious apartments in the Ruppin Apartment Hotel located at the heart of Tel Aviv.
Paamonim Apartment Hotel - Jerusalem
The Paamonim hotel is a modern luxurious apartment hotel located at the heart of Jerusalem next to the city’s shopping and entertainment areas, facing the magnificent view of the Old City.
Jewish Orthodox Hospitality – Jerusalem
Learn about the traditional lifestyle. A unique and fascinating opportunity to spend an evening in an orthodox Jewish family home. Click for brochure and video.
Naftali Tours Guides - David Schoenfeld
Naftali Tours is proud to introduce David Schoenfeld - Licensed tour guide.
A Tour and lunch at Nes Ammim Village – Galilee
Enjoy a tour at the Nes Ammim Village and a kosher lunch at the Ness Ammim Restaurant.
Christmas and New Year's Dinners at The American Colony Hotel - Jerusalem
The American Colony Hotel invites you to enjoy a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas buffet & New Year’s Eve dinner and party at the legendary Arabesque restaurant. Click to read PDF brochures.
City of David : New tours in the ancient city - Old Jerusalem
Click to read PDF about a variety of fascinating tours in the ancient city from walking tours, riding on a Segway to an archaeological excavation.
Agricultural Tours in Southern Arava - Jordan Valley
Click to read the PDF about interesting agricultural tours in Southern Arava.
New Jordan Visa Regulations - Arava Border
Arava Border will no longer be giving entry visas to Jordan of all kind January 1st 2016 . Please click to read a brief about the new regulations.
Travel Notes

Egypt Travel Tips

Click on Map to view Full Image

Click on Map to view Full Image

Travel Protection/Insurance, Passports & Visas
Please double check that you have travel protection/insurance and valid documents (passport, visa, etc.) before leaving home.

Packing & Baggage Information
Please note: air carriers are also strict about the size and weight of carry-on luggage. Please contact your air carrier or travel agent for specific information prior to departing on your tour as the air carrier's size and weight limitations may vary from Cosmos limitations. Cosmos is not responsible for additional fees imposed by air carriers.

Pack a pair of comfortable, tried-and-tested walking shoes; don't forget insect repellent, sunscreen, sun hat, and sunglasses, especially for summer touring. Smart casual evening wear is fine. Climate changes according to region; allow for variable weather if you are travelling in spring and autumn and bring warm clothes for winter tours. Nights can be cold, so include a wool jacket and some warm sleepwear. Having laundry done can be expensive, so you may wish to pack some travel soap.

Note that as Egypt  is a Muslim country is preferable not to wear shorts or to have shoulders uncovered except in tourist areas such as Pyramids, Khan el Khalili and Upper Egypt.

Items for your hand luggage: a good supply of any medication you are taking, extra film and spare batteries for your camera, a pen, light rainwear, a sweater, a road map if you enjoy "plotting your progress," and maybe a small travel pillow. Label your camera and rolls of film with your name and tour code; should you lose them, there's a better chance of their being returned. Remember to check that you have not left your camera or film on the motorcoach at the end of your tour.

Carry all documents and money on your person but not all in the same place to limit the inconvenience in case of loss. We recommend use of a money belt while touring. Do not take with you excess money and valuables outside in the street. The suggestion is to use the safety deposit boxes where available, otherwise locked in your suitcase in the hotel room.

Remember a good quality international plug adapter for using electrical equipment abroad. The local current is 220 V. To reduce charges on calls home, we recommend you use pre-paid phone cards which area widely available.

For your own comfort and that of fellow passengers, please limit the size of your hand luggage to 30 x 28 x 14 cm. (12 x 11 x 6 in.) for easy storage on the motorcoach. Please note that international air carriers are also strict about the size and weight of carry-on luggage. Wheeled carry-on cases are not suitable as hand luggage for motorcoach travel. Porterage for one suitcase on tour is included in the tour price. Due to limited coach capacity, this single bag should have dimensions not exceeding 76 x 53 x 28 cm. (30 x 21 x 11 in.) and weight not exceeding 60 lbs. (27 kg.)

Important New Information Concerning Luggage:

In compliance with motorcoach legal weight limitations, we regret we are unable to accept a second suitcase or any luggage exceeding these limits. If you are carrying extra luggage, please make independent arrangements for its storage while you are touring.

To Know About Your Destination

Please pass your ticket to our representative at Cairo international airport/ border to be re-confirmed and returned back to you next day with a re-confirmation slip on it.  Also you should be prepared to change approximately US$150 per person at the bank in the airport before travelling to the overnight hotel in Cairo. Banks and exchange offices are very likely many in the places where we will be visiting.

Avoid eating raw and unwrapped street fare and iced drinks (especially during midday heat). Drink bottled water and allow for this in your budget. You may also want to eat a little less at dinner for a day or so until you adjust if you are dining later than usual. For health and hygiene reasons perishable food items should not be carried due to lack of refrigeration. Please remember that it is not customary in Europe to drink iced water with meals. Many restaurants only serve bottled mineral water (for a fee.. 90 c per 1 litre  bottle  ). Ice is not normally added to drinks unless specifically requested. Tea and coffee making facilities are not available in hotel rooms. Breakfasts at the hotels are: “ American  Buffet Breakfasts”. Food items are generally: coffee, tea or chocolate, orange juice, cold and hot milk, cereals, yoghurt, 2 types of bread, croissants, jam, butter, cold cuts (cheese and salami - Please note no pork products are available in Egypt), eggs, sausage and fruits . Also for safety reasons, the use of portable water heaters is not allowed. Bring a hair dryer if required.


Egypt  International Purchases

When buying carpets at our recommended shops in Egypt you will probably be asked to sign on the back of the carpet at the time of purchase. This is in order to validate/identify the authenticity of the purchased carpet and ensure it is not different from the one you have chosen whilst in the shop. Please make sure that you are certain about the colour and size of the merchandise and if in doubt then we suggest not to make any deal as once a deal has been struck and money paid, refunds are possible yet this siuation may create some hassle for yourself and the Tour conductor . We can assist you only for issues relating to carpets/rugs being damaged during the shipping. In general shipment takes up to about eight weeks to arrive (or sometimes longer if you are having an item specially made). Ensure that when you purchase the carpet it is made clear to you whether you retrieve the carpet directly at home or whether you have to clear it through customs. Please be aware that duty/customs charges will be collected upon receipt of the merchandise when shipped. Appraisal values may vary based on market value, country or origin, materials used etc. Please retain all receipts and purchase information to include quality, colour and size of the merchandise.

International Purchases

If you buy items on tour to be shipped to your home, customs import charges are usually not included in the price. If you use a credit card (make sure that the expiration date is more than a month after finishing the tour), you will be debited in the local currency and your bank will establish the rate of exchange on the debit. You should bring cash of your home country, where accepted in Egypt ( Euro, $, S .pound ) . Also traveller’s cheques are widely used.  Remember to have your PIN number to enable you to draw cash at ATM's if required.

On the Coach

For safety reasons all passengers are reminded to remain seated while the motorcoach is in motion. Coaches in Egypt are not equipped with safety bills .  You are kindly requested to refrain from using a mobile phone while on a moving coach except in emergencies.


Major credit cards are widely accepted but you may encounter shops or restaurants that require a minimum charge for using them. You might consider bringing more than one card, as some outlets may not accept all types. An ATM (automatic teller machine) card may also be helpful; however credit cards are NOT accepted in Turkey (traveller’s cheques are accepted).

Be sure to activate your ATM and/or credit card with your bank before travelling, and don't forget to bring your PIN code(s) to facilitate use for both ATM and credit card(s).

Check with your bank to ensure you can withdraw cash on your card abroad if necessary.

Check that your cards do not expire while you are abroad and are still valid for at least 30 days after completion of your tour.

Ask your credit card(s) and traveller’s cheque companies for the emergency telephone numbers to report any losses; always keep these numbers with you while travelling, but separately from your card(s) or cheques.

Cash in local currency will be necessary for minor purchases, tipping in restaurants, taxis, etc. (US dollars is  always  accepted). Do not rely completely on ATMs to obtain small amounts of local currency - the minimum you are permitted to withdraw may be much higher than you actually require. For tipping your tour director, driver and local guides, dollar bills will be useful. Hide a couple of $50 bills on your person as emergency funds while travelling; these can always be exchanged at a bank for local currency. A small supply of US$1 bills (US$25-$30 total) will also come in handy.

You may also wish to bring some money in traveller’s cheques; see "Your Spending Money" in Tips for Travellers for guidelines regarding use. In most cases you will not be able to use traveller’s cheques to purchase items in stores or pay for restaurant meals; instead exchange cheques for cash at a local bank. We suggest larger denomination cheques ($50, $100) because of fixed rate service charges per cheque when you exchange for local currency. Traveller’s cheques can also be used for tipping tour directors and drivers. That is why small denominations of US dollars come in handy. Also in some countries fees for changing traveller’s cheques are extremely high.

As a general guideline, aim to bring a variety of means to "pay your way" just in case you have difficulties with your preferred method of payment.

Tipping Guidelines

US$3 to $5 per person per day to your tour director, and US$3 to $5 per person per day to your driver for a job well done, as well as a tip to your local city guide and airport transfer man  for a good performance. You may wish to tip other personnel on a discretionary basis.

A Few Words of:

Arabic: French:
Good Morning: Sabah el khair

Good morning / day: Bonjour

Good Evening: Masaa el khair Good evening: Bonsoir
Thank you: Shokrun Goodbye: Au revoir
Please: Men Fadluck Please: S'il vous plaît
How much is this?: Bikam dah?          Thank you: Merci
Tea: Shaay Yes: Oui  /  No: Non
Coffee: Ahwa. Do you speak English?: Parlez-vous anglais?
Not at all : Afwan. I don't understand: Je ne comprends pas
How much?: C'est combien?
Telephone: Le téléphone
Toilet: Les toilettes
Tea: Thé
Bottled water: De l'eau minérale
Cheers!: Santé!
Have a nice day!: Bonne journée!




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