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Naama Esther : Performance Artist

A Chupa in Israel

See how beautiful it is to drape the bride and groom's entrance into the wedding hall with music of emotion and love. Turn these moments into unforgettable memories.

Bar/Bat mitzvah ceremonies

Inspire and excite your guests as they clap their hands and dance to the music. Experience a beautiful ceremony at the Kotel with singing and folk dancing.


Enjoy an Israeli-style 'sing along' of traditional Jewish and well known Israeli folk music. Pick up the energy level and get the group dancing along as well.
Solo performances and Bands

We can offer a range of different musical options from a singer accompanied by playback, to a full range of accompanying musicians.

Music ensembles can be combined with a variety of different instruments from around the world into a unique and magical event. The musicians are experts in a range of musical styles, and can put together an exciting performance tailored   uniquely for your special event.

Can include jazz ensembles accompanied by saxophone, a more refined and elegant event with the harp and/or the piano, or an upbeat performance with drums.

We can arrange a wonderful event for your next group to Israel:

• Festive dinners
• Solo performances and bands
• Family groups
• VIP tours